Become a Brand Ambassador

The Ambassador program is a place in which we hope to impact the masses for the sake of the Kingdom of God. We believe that quality streetwear can be used as a tool to make disciples. It can be challenging to start a conversation about Jesus, out in the world and one of our goals is to make that process a bit easier by using clothes that people actually enjoy wearing!

Our ambassador program not only places you with a community of people across the nation, committed to engaging our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but it also offers opportunities for exposure across all of our social media platforms.

There will also be opportunities to earn free and discounted merchandise that will serve you well when you want to get some apparel for yourself or a loved one.

So come and Join our community today. Let's empower and spur on the believer towards finishing the race and move the non-believer towards truth and understanding, ultimately leading to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.